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Gas Machines

Prospect to Production…Steps to Drill and Complete a Well

  • Perform geologic study-subsurface


    Perform well records and data search


    Determine natural gas pipeline market accessibility


    Prepare an aerial site plan


    Secure Oil and Gas Lease, mineral title search


    Secure well drilling permit from Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR)


    Prepare well drilling and completion cost estimate


    Secure well partner participation


    Notify local authorities & provide daily drilling reports


    Build well location; dig, line and fence drilling pits (when required)


    Move drilling equipment on location


    Drill thru fresh water zones-run and cement surface casing


    Drill well to total depth, log well, run and cement production casing


    Move drilling rig off location & move service rig on location


    Perforate production casing & hydraulically fracture well


    Flow back well, run production tubing, build wellhead


    Move service rig off location


    Build tank battery, lay gas flow line and sales line 


    Allow landowner to install equipment for domestic gas use


    Install gas sales meter and regulating station


    Reclaim site, landscape and install fencing (as required)


    Negotiate gas & oil purchaser contracts


    Schedule well turn on


    Assign well tender


    Distribute royalty & production checks monthly


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